Signature Sessions allow for custom design, numerous poses and locations as well as special art design for your home.


No one family is alike, no one house is alike, which is why I do not offer specific packages or collections.

Some clients prefer to hang their images on the wall, some care to display on their bookshelf on an easel or small frame and some love to leave a coffee table album out or tuck a small album in a drawer. Click here to see some products before they left the studio.

Which ever way your family wants to remember these special times will fit into a collection you create yourself.
Follow two simple steps during the ordering session to Create Your Own Collection


Step 1: Choose a Signature Art Product

- Wall & Table Art starts at 199.00

- Albums start at 299.00


Step 2: Add Digital Files or Gift Prints

- Print boxes holding desk prints 8X10 or smaller starts at 199.00 for 10 gift prints

- Digital Files with print release and cloud storage starting at 299.00


Are you looking for a quick simple session? Click here for Simple Sessions.

Birth announcements, holiday cards and special commissions are also available.

Printing your own images can be intimidating, I offer print boxes in place of digital files for those who would prefer professionally printed images done for them. Clients that choose to print with the digital files, I will also upload these files to a print fullfillment site where you are able to print from a professional lab and consumer prices right from your home for one year. I am always here to help with the process.