Kelly Fitzgerald Studio | About




I always have a lip balm in my pocket and often drink too much coffee. I enjoy the city but prefer the peace and calm I find in the country. I have two kids who I have always loved to provide new experiences for which is why our weekends and school breaks are often filled with trips & activities.


I have a love hate relationship with technology. I love posting on Instagram and facebook and being able to peak in on daily aspects of family and friends who I live too far from to spend time with regularly. I hate that in 25 years I feel we will all start to see the effects of the instant gratification that social media provides us as today we print less and when we do I find it is rarely with long lasting quality.


This is why my studio was developed. Combining the desire to share now while also providing each client with gorgeous pieces for their home to enjoy daily and for years to come.


Working in photography for many years, I’ve witnessed the transition from film to digital photography, and I’ve seen the benefits of both. Film kept things intentional and ensured everyone had a print to hold, frame, display, and archive. Digital photography has brought us the ability to share our stories and pictures with everyone, in an instant. My relationship with both forms of photography is complicated. I love the ease and experimentation of digital photography, but fear we risk losing important, physical pieces of our history in the “clouds.”


My work, although mostly digital, is firmly rooted in what I love most about film photography. Every client I work with leaves with both a heirloom art product they’ve selected to tell their story and digital media files to share with family and friends in seconds.


Timeless, beautiful, authentic, and straightforward documentation is always my goal.