Kelly Fitzgerald Studio | Simple Session Fall 2016

Simple Sessions  - Fall 2016 - At Busse Woods

It's easy to get your family up on your walls or on the bookshelf.

A simple Session is a 20 minute session and one gorgeous Art Product for your home


Wednesday and Sunday Evenings all October!

Full details listed below.

 Email to book your time.

Click HERE to view Sample Simple Session online galleries from Busse Woods

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How does it work?

  1. Select 20 minutes on a Sunday or Wednesday evening out of your week and meet with me at Busse Woods. To schedule an appointment email
  2. After signing up for your session you will receive an email with model release, studio policies and you will make your selection of art product (click to view options)
  3. On your scheduled date, you will come to Busse Woods and spend 20 minutes with me
  4. Two weeks after your session you will receive an email link for your online, password protected gallery.
  5. Look through your images and send me the image number for the image you would like to see on the art product you pre-selected.
  6. You can also select one additional image for web/social media use. That image in addition to the image selected for your art product will be given to you in web file format via email.
  7. Your will receive an email when your art product is ready.
  8. You will have three months to order additional product and prints at 25% of studio pricing. A smart devise app will also be available for ease. It's also like carrying a wallet photo around with you! You can easily show off your family from your device using the app.


Simple Sessions allow enough time for two groupings, i.e. Family and Siblings OR Family and Family with pet

If you know you want more then one art product offered in the simple session, additional discounted product ordering is available when booking the session.

Additional groupings may be added on when ordering, these groups will produce more images in your online gallery to order from. This will not add on additional Art Products.