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Working in photography for many years, I’ve witnessed the transition from film to digital photography,

and I’ve seen the benefits of both. Film kept things intentional and ensured everyone had a print to

hold, frame, display, and archive. Digital photography has brought us the ability to share our stories

and pictures with everyone, in an instant. My relationship with both forms of photography is

complicated. I love the ease and experimentation of digital photography, but fear we risk losing

important, physical pieces of our history in the “clouds.”


My work, although mostly digital, is firmly rooted in what I love most about film photography. Every

client I work with leaves with both a heirloom art product they’ve selected to tell

their story and digital media files to share with family and friends in seconds.


Timeless, beautiful, authentic, and straightforward documentation is always my goal.

Let’s talk, and figure out what works best for you.  

Every Signature Session has four simple steps


Step 1:   Reserve your session

Let’s talk, and set up a date and time. 

Signature Sessions are reserved for a creation fee of 225.00.


Step 2:   Meet for your consultation

We meet  in person or over the phone to make sure you will love your end result.

We will discuss any artwork and design needs.

Not sure what to bring or wear or do? We can discuss this during our consultation.


Step 3:   Meet for your session

Come relaxed, don't rush. During our consultation we will discuss what you need to bring. 

This will be the fun part.


Step 4:   Viewing and Ordering Appointment

Meet with me to view your images, select your heirloom product and gift prints and or digital print options.

All Signature Sessions Create their Own Collections, learn more about that here.

This can be discussed during your consultation as well so you are prepared for these choices.

Click here to see some products before they left the studio.


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